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- n/a (Female) Painter South Africa


Adele Williams is a versatile fine artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, who has done an extensive collection of artwork in various media. Her favorite work is painting animals, people or pets, in oils. Oil paints give a texture and luminosity that is difficult to match in any other medium. Adele is available for commissions. Would you like to commission a painting of your pets, or any other subject for that matter? If it's not possible for Adele to physically meet the animals (which is definitely preferable) she can work from clear photographs. Melanie Adele Williams, 30 something and proud of it. Came to South Africa in 1991 after getting her BA hons in Graphic Design. She enjoyed taking part in the first open elections in SA and feels it's time to give something back to the country that has become her home. "I HAVE BEEN DRAWING SINCE I WAS 4 AND LOVE TO DO WHAT I DO BEST" Says Adele ( Known by her middle name)

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